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PurlSoft's Satisfied Customers
PurlSoft believes in customer satisfaction as its goal, and strives to achieve the best with its customers. Here is a partial list of our satisfied customers.

Confidential, San Jose, CA
PurlSoft Solutions executed a migration project for migrating a set of API from Java to C++ to enable its usage from an non java platform the entire project was executed offshore in India.

Uddeholm AB, Sweden
Purlsoft has build an Web based Case study application for Uddeholm that will be as an solutions for their sales representatives to be able to access it across the globe. 

MIDC, India
Project for management of loan handling and recovery status application.

Sudarshan Sour, Aurangabad
Part Management and Resource Utilization System both build with on 3 tier architecture with COM Components as the business layer with Visual basic and ASP User Interfaces.

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